Breakfast Pizza

Jan 03

Breakfast Pizza


OK so there is no “dough” or tomato sauce or mozzerela cheese, but Carl said “it is like a breakfast pizza” sooooooooooooo…. there we go.

Misty inspired me to use potatoes as a “crust” and I went from there. This is easy and tasty and good for leftovers. Let me know what you think.

Breakfast Pizza

1-2 med potatoes

2 tbs Olive oil

6 eggs

1/2 cup of milk

1 cup  of cheddar (or other if you like) cheese

salt and pepper


Add olive oil to large skillet on med – high heat, spread shredded potatoes on bottom. Brown for 5-10 minutes and flip over if possible (don’t worry if you can’t  - try to use a non-stick pan for easier mobility)

In a bowl add 6 eggs, milk, salt and pepper – whisk well (frothy)

(If you want add spinach, meat, other veg) mix well in egg mixture

When potatoes are browned, pour egg mixture on top

Add cheese


Cook on med for about 3-5 min until eggs start to “set” or firm aound edges.

Turn off burner and turn on broiler in oven (rack on middle to top half of oven – not too close)

Close oven door and watch as the eggs start to rise and brown – don’t let them brown too much – pull out (watch your handle!!! it will be hot)

Set on (off) burner – eggs will continue to cook

Slice like a pizza and serve with salsa if you wish!!